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domingo, 26 de abril de 2009

Vacations !!!!!


my human parents are going to Hammamet, Tunisia for 7 days, and they can't take me with them :(

I'm not too sad, because I'm going to be with my real mom, dad and other relatives. I'm so excited !!!!!

So, I will come back with news (and with pics, I hope) next week.

Licks to all,

6 comentários:

Anita disse...

Olá Byte! Espero que te divirtas no teu "hotel"!

Polli Peste disse...

Byte que lindo, que Senhor que és (se não te importares vou imprimir esta fotografia para a pôr no meu quadro de cortiça ao lado da Lassi e do Rex, os meus outros ídolos caninos. Assinado: Vicky)!

Desejamos umas boas férias aos donos e ao Byte * Divirtam-se todos, beijinho*

Sara Alves disse...

Boas Férias!!! :)
lambidelas do pu

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona disse...

Ohhhhhhhhh dear byte...your humans are sooooooo lucky going to vacations!!!!
and we're very happy to know that you are going with your real mommy...hope you could have a wonderful time with them!!!!!!!
can't wait to see your new photos when your humans came back!!!
we'll miss you a lot!!!!!!!
Sweet kisses!!!

Mason Dixie disse...

Can not wait to read all about it. =)

Homer disse...

Hi Byte,

Let's hope your humans will bring back some nice treats for you!